Financial Supervisory Service As the integrated supervisory authority, the FSS oversees financial services firms across
the entire financial sectors.


Korean-English Glossary of Finance and Supervision Terms

  • decentralized finance (DeFi) 탈중앙화금융
  • bank intermediated lending support facility 금융중개지원대출제도
  • inter-dealer broker 채권중개전문회사
  • sidecar 프로그램매매호가 효력일시정지제도
  • dark pool 익명거래시설
  • auction-based block trading 경쟁대량매매
  • continuous auction 접속매매
  • periodic call auction 단일가매매
  • best limit order 최유리지정가호가
  • conditional limit order 조건부지정가호가