Financial Supervisory Service As the integrated supervisory authority, the FSS oversees financial services firms across
the entire financial sectors.


Examination Workflow

Examination Planning

  1. Tentative and Quarterly examination plans Notification to Supervision Coordination Department ↔ Distribution of the annual examination plan to the supervision departments
  2. Examination plan including the dates and examiner allocation ← Final annual examination plan


  1. Examination Notice to the Subject institution and document request
  2. Collection of information pertinent to examination ← Analysis of off-site monitoring information, previous examination findings, and partnership meetings
  3. Formation of examination preparation committee - Supervision policy, key focus areas, and other matters of interest
  4. Completion of examinationplanning and preparation - Examiner selection and strategy meetings
  5. Examiner pre-examination sessions / Main examination matters, alert lists

Full-scope On-site

  1. Examination Commencement
  2. Examination execution
  3. Examination completion - Communication and meetings with management and board of directors

Administration of
examination Findings

  1. Internal reporting to senior supervisors
  2. Examination report
  3. Revise of examination findings
  4. Deliberation by Enforcement Review Committee
  5. Reporting of Enforcement Review Committee to the governor
  6. FSC enforcement authority
  7. Joint FSC-FSS deliberation
  8. FSC decision on enforcement action
  1. FSC enforcement authority
  2. FSS decision on enforcement action
  3. Report to the FSC


Deliver examination findings and supervision actions to the subject institution