Financial Supervisory Service As the integrated supervisory authority, the FSS oversees financial services firms across
the entire financial sectors.

About FSS

Organization chart


Chief Executive Auditor

Internal Audit Office

First Senior Deputy Governor

Compliance Support Office (Direct First Senior Deputy Governor)

Planning and Management

  • Planning and Coordination Department
  • General Affairs Department
  • Public Affairs Department
  • Human Resources Development Office
  • International Affairs Department
    (Financial Hub Korea)
  • IT Strategy Department
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Secretary Office
  • Security Administration Office

Strategic Supervision

  • Supervision Coordination Department
  • Supervision Administration Department
  • Macroprudential Supervision Department
  • Enforcement Review Department
  • Digital Finance Innovation Department
  • Finance Data Office
  • IT Examination Department
  • Anti-Money Laundering Office
  • Financial Group Supervision Office

Insurance Supervision

  • Insurance Supervision Department
  • Life Insurance Examination Department
  • Non-Life Insurance Examination Department
  • Insurance Business Examination Office
  • Insurance Risk Office

Senior Deputy Governor

Bank Supervision

  • Bank Supervision Department
  • Bank Examination Department 1
  • Bank Examination Department 2
  • Foreign Exchange Supervision Department
  • Credit Supervision Department
  • Banking Risk Office

Nonbank Supervision

  • Mutual Savings Bank Supervision Department
  • Credit Finance Supervision Department
  • Cooperative Finance Department
  • Mutual Savings Bank Examination Department
  • Credit Finance Examination Department

Senior Deputy Governor

Financial Investment Services Supervision

  • Capital Market Supervision Department
  • Asset Management Supervision Department
  • Financial Investment Examination Department
  • Asset Management Examination Department

Disclosure and Investigation

  • Corporate Disclosure Department
  • Disclosure Review Office
  • Capital Market Investigation Planning Department
  • Capital Market Investigation Department
  • Special Investigation Department

Capital Market Judiciary Enforcement Unit
(Direct Senior Deputy Governor)

Accounting Supervision

  • Audit Review Department
  • Audit Inspection Department
  • Corporate Accounting Administration Department
  • Auditor Oversight Office

Senior Deputy Governor

Preventive Consumer Protection

  • Financial Consumer Protection Department
  • Financial Product Sales Monitoring Department
  • Financial Product Review & Monitoring Department
  • Pension Supervision Office
  • Financial Education Department
  • Inclusive Financial Office

Consumer Right Protection

  • Consumer Complaint Coordination Department
  • Dispute Settlement Department 1
  • Dispute Settlement Department 2
  • Dispute Settlement Department 3
  • Consumer Complaint Center
  • Illegal Finance Monitoring Department
  • Insurance Investigation Office