Financial Supervisory Service As the integrated supervisory authority, the FSS oversees financial services firms across
the entire financial sectors.

Financial Statistics

About Financial Statistics

The FSS provides wide-ranging financial firm and industry data through the Financial Statistical Information System (FISIS). Data available at the FISIS homepage broadly comprise financial firm data and financial firm business data.

Financial Statistical Information System (FISIS)

Financial Firm Data

Financial firm data, also called Status of Financial Services Companies, contain statistical data on the number of financial firms in each of the four financial service sectors (banking, securities, insurance, and nonbanking sectors) as well as basic information on individual financial firms. Some general business information is also available.

The user may search financial firm data for basic corporate information and general business information of individual financial firms across the financial service sectors. For search on financial firm data, the user can click on Status of Financial Services Companies from the top menu and select either the Number of Companies by Financial Sector or the List of Financial Services Companies. The user can pre-select the data interval (quarterly, semiannual, or annual) and the data period desired. The List of Financial Services Companies provides information on specific individual financial firms.

Financial Firm Business Data

Financial firm business data, also called Management Information of Financial Services Companies, are culled from business reports that financial firms are required to file periodically with the FSS for supervision purposes. Financial firm business data present summary business statistics, financial soundness data, and key business indicators. The data search results can be presented in a chart or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Financial firm business data can be searched as either a single table search or a multiple table search. Using the single table search, the user can compare business data from selected companies in a specific financial service sector (banking, securities, insurance, or nonbanking). The multiple table search enables several search options and settings for more tailored data results.