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Guide to Personal Banking and Finance

Guide to Personal Banking and Finance Detail
Ⅰ. Using Banking Services(2)
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Ⅰ. Using Banking Services (2).pdf

Ⅰ. Using Banking Services(2)


3. Using Internet Banking & Mobile Banking Services

(1) Internet Banking

Internet banking service means banking services provided on a computer connected to the Internet. You can use your personal computer at home for various banking transactions such as checking accounts, opening an account, transferring money, etc.


▼ More Information: How to sign up for Internet Banking

(1) Signing up for Internet banking

  - Visit your bank where you already have an account with ID card (either alien registration card, passport, or resident registration card) (If you have no bank account, you have to open an bank account first)

  - Complete a `Personal Electronic Financial Service Application Form`: Provide personal information such as name, date of birth, ID, and set the one-time maximum transfer amount that can be sent to another account, security code (security code card, OTP), etc.

(2) Downloading Personal Digital Certificate

  - Access the website of your bank and go to the ‘personal digital certificate menu’

  - Confirm your identity and give your consent to the terms and conditions

  - Issuance of Personal Digital Certificate: A personal digital certificate is an electronic identification card that you need to receive for Internet banking.

(3) Use of Internet Banking Service


(2) Mobile Banking Service

Mobile banking service refers to conducting financial transactions on smartphones using wireless Internet. You can make financial transactions, such as checking your account anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. You can sign up for mobile banking service directly from your smartphone if you have already signed up for Internet banking. You can download and install the banking app on your smartphone, and copy and save the personal digital certificate on your smartphone to use the services.


More Information: Copying Personal Digital Certificate (PCSmartphone)


Copying personal digital certificate


Personal computer


(1) Access ‘personal digital certificate center’

(2)Click on‘PC smartphone’ at ‘personal digital certificate menu’

(3) Access ‘personal digital certificate center’

(4)Click on ‘copying personal digital certificate for smartphone’ at ‘‘copying personal digital certificate menu’

(5) Create password (or QR code)

(6) Enter password or QR code on smartphone


Be Careful!

Sign up for your bank’s text message service

  - When you sign up for your bank’s text message service regarding bank transactions such as deposit and withdrawal, you can easily check money coming in and out of your account through text message. Moreover, if something unexpected such as financial fraud happens, the text message service can help you report it immediately to the bank and the police.

Keep your security code card and OTP safe

  - You should never show your security code card or OTP to anyone. If you lose your security code card or OTP, report it to the bank right away and be issued a new one.


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